Experience of use Clean Forte

"I have always dreamed of visiting Southeast Asian countries. Not only to travel to Thailand, but also to live in a different country, full of the spirit of another culture, to better understand their traditions, food, and religion. My husband shared meDream. We worked hard on their work, took a ticket in late autumn, and then traveled for two months.

I am caught in a fairy tale

Alina and her husband ate raw seafood and contracted parasites

To say that this world surprised me, I said nothing. Other people, climate, nature, traditions, food-everything is like on another planet. On the first day of the journey, I received a lot of incredible emotions, which I have not received at home for six months. The first place we arrived was Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia. Of course, I have been to Asian countries before, but everything is different here.

I am surprised by Asian cuisine and my attitude towards food. In my opinion, I haven't seen so much food at any food festival, and the amount of fish and seafood cannot be counted. This is the first time I have seen this unusual marine life that can be eaten, many of which are eaten raw.

Infected seafood is delicious

During the two weeks there, I tried all the sea crawling creatures, dozens of sushi varieties, amazing fish varieties and many things I don’t even remember. Many delicacies are freshly caught and can be eaten raw, but I don't know what this might cause.

We continued along this road, but I felt uncomfortable on the way. A few days later, I developed weakness, dizziness, uncomfortable stool and loss of appetite. My husband also began to experience similar manifestations, and we realized it was a foodborne infection. We found our compatriots overwintering in these places and asked them for help. We do not have health insurance and we do not know which medicine to buy. We were accepted as relatives, asked about our health, and our new friends said with confidence that they were worms.

They said that they never eat raw seafood on the street, they only buy seafood at home, pour boiling water on it before eating, and then eat it. In order to avoid contamination, local people also eat a lot of mustard, ginger and spices, but for other cultures, such foods are too spicy to be eaten out of habit.

Our new friend took out their medicine supply and provided us with Clean Forte, a professional anti-parasitic agent. They gave us 2 packs and told us how to use remedies to remove the worm as soon as possible. The guys added that they always take this remedy during the trip and make sure to drink it here to prevent it.

Alina and Clean Forte got rid of the parasites, they continued their journey

The clean Forte drops make me feel good in 4 days

We started taking Clean Forte on the same day. Two days later, I felt relieved, and so did my husband. My stomach was unwell, but it disappeared after a day. I can say that on the fifth day I felt good, my appetite and sleep returned to normal.

I finally used the product, and only three weeks was enough. My husband also improved his body, and we continued the journey. We have extraordinary experience in using Clean Forte. We exchanged contacts with new friends and thanked them for their help. From now on, my travel kit will always contain a bottle of Clean Forte drops, and I will only eat raw fish in a good restaurant and sprinkle some fish generously. "Elena, Tampere.